Our mission

Company was founded in 2008 with the purpose of independent analysis, design and implementation of projects that will significantly improve the quality of life on Croatian islands.

Main objective of this company is identifying desirable and realistic points for implementing specific revitalisation projects, preparation complex and widespread documentation, structuring finances needed for realisation of the whole construction process and support for the potentials created in that way.

Žarko Galić

What We Do

We revitilize the island while preserving and protecting its natural ecosystem. All content is planned in a way that renewable energy resources are maximally used. We also encourage and support establishing family businesses that would produce authentic food and other products which will surely find its way to the consumers through the cluster. Ecology awareness, preserving natural beauties of the islands and bringing the life back to the islands are the main guidelines of our actions.

Connecting islands with mainland and each other by air and sea transportation is of utmost importancy. This is the reason why we put so much effort in improving these connections.

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